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  • New site Elevated Media 3.0

    You may have heard the expression “a mechanic’s car is always broken” which is because they are too busy working on other people’s cars to fix their own. Elevated Media can certainly relate to this problem when it comes to updating our own website. While being busy with client work is a good problem to have, at some point the “car” must get fixed and we have gotten to this point. There are a few reasons that we have reached this point. #1 our old site was built in Flash. There was a time when Flash ruled the web. We loved Flash (still do) but the web is ever evolving and while Flash is not completely dead it is not all what it once was. The biggest problem for us was that our site was not iPhone or iPad friendly because of Flash. #2 we needed to share our more recent work. We have worked on some very cool projects and needed a new place to showcase them. #3 We love working in WordPress and social media and wanted to built a new site that took advantage of these technologies. So with that, we are quietly launching our new site. It is a work in progress and may take some time as we are still quite busy with client work. Please bear with us as the new site takes shape. We look forward to completely the new site and announcing it’s full launch. We also welcome your feedback. Thank you for stopping by! Please drop us a message if you have a project that you would like to discuss.


    Brian Novak
    Elevated Media